Extracurricular: ART

Art comes naturally with children. Through art, the children will be using the " right brain" which enhances their visual awareness, imagination, emotions, spatial abilities etc.

Extracurricular: BALI DANCE

Balinese dancing is very much part and parcel of the Balinese culture. It is encouraged and taught to little Balinese kids from an early age. Through dancing, children not only develop the learnings of Indonesian culture, but they also develop a better understanding of themselves, both physically and mentally. It also helps them in understanding others and the world around them and it fosters their physical skills and overall good health.

Extracurricular: YOGA

Partaking in yoga exercises, helps to improve the child's balance, strength and endurance. Yoga also offers psychological benefits for the kids too, it improves both their physical and mental health, improving their focus, memory, self-esteem. Studies have shown that the children's academic performance and classroom behaviour improves with yoga exercises and even reduces anxiety and stress in children.

Extracurricular: MUSIC

Music helps the body and the mind work together. Exposing children to music during this early developmental stage will enhance all areas of child development and skills for school readiness, which include intellectual, social-emotional, motor, language and overall literacy.

Extracurricular: STORY TELLING

How is story telling beneficial to young children? It enhances their imagination to "visualize" spoken words, improves their vocabulary and also refines communication skills. Not only will they develop listening and communication skills, but story telling also improves their concentration and memory by bringing experiences alive and creating a sense of wonder and helps to sequence events.

Extracurricular: FASHION SHOW

Typically our fashion show is organized in conjunction with end-of-year activities. It's an opportunity for the parents to also interact with the various teachers. The children do get excited about dressing up and it encourages them to identify with their innate talents, unique style and develops confidence in them. As this event may be tied to a charity drive, the children are taught about "helping others" through their own participation.

Extracurricular: ENGLISH CLASS

Research shows that learning a second language will help boost problem-solving, critical thinking and listening skills. This language learning will also help improve their memory and concentration. These skills will be highly beneficial to them as they grow, learn and discover new cultures. Research in the U.S. reports that children who are proficient in other languages also show signs of creativity and mental flexibility.


Adopting some of Montessori's methods in our teachings, we focus on key developmental stages that all children move through on their way to adulthood. At each stage, children are learning different skills and activities that help them reach the next developmental milestones. It not only helps your child to develop independence, a sense of empathy and social justice, but it's a lifelong love of learning.