About Duta Bina Bhuana Foundation

The Duta Bina Bhuana (DBB) Foundation was founded by 3 academics: Dr. Jonathan Mulia, Prof. Ir. I Made Sukadana and Ir. Priyadi Reksasiswaya, MBA, in 1997. The DBB Foundation has focused on Education, Social Empowerment, and Community Empowerment since its beginnings.

The three founders of the DBB Foundation’s mission is to provide access to education and skills- training for Balinese children so that they will have a brighter future. Our motto: "To Educate and Empower”

In 2015, the DBB Foundation made a commitment toward early childhood education by founding the Duta Bina Bhuana School (DBB School), that encompasses three languages as the foundation for leaming: Indonesian, English, and Mandarin. The Early Childhood Education (PAUD) which include Playgroups, Kindergarten, and the Elementary School, is part of the overall DBB educational structure.

Additionally, the DBB Foundation conducts a Vocational Education program known as the Bali OSEC Program, which prepares working age adults for employment in Indonesia and overseas. Bali OSEC was established on 7 April 2010, with focus on three main programs: Computer Literacy Course, English Course and Professional Balinese Dance.

In October 2021, the DBB Foundation launched The People's Law Centre (PLC), a Legal Aid Center for the local community, as well as for foreigners, in Bali, Indonesia, whereby everyone may have direct access to affordable legal advice. The PLC recognizes the need of individuals, both locals and foreigners to understand their rights, when faced with legal issues. It strives to establish a peaceful and secure environment for all Bali residents, by providing access to legal information, in the hope that this will result in fewer individuals becoming victims of fraudsters and scammers.

In July 2022, the DBB Foundation spearheaded the "Srikandi Justice Campaign" in Bali, a campaign to raise awareness for domestic violence, particularly among Balinese and other local Indonesians. It is important to acknowledge, realise and understand how this current Covid Pandemic has exacerbated the rise of domestic violence cases.

This pandemic has caused many businesses and schools to be closed for the past 2 years. This resulted in the loss of jobs and stable income. The resulting economic deterioration caused an increase in family confinement at home, which in turn has sadly resulted in an increase in physical and emotional abuse amongst some families.

The DBB Foundation, have always advocated for vulnerable single mothers and their children, thus they decided to take the lead to address the rise of domestic violence cases in Bali. The campaign is to educate the general public to be aware of the resources available to all victims and, in some extreme cases, offering them a safehouse where they and their children can seek solace from their perpertrators. The foundation works with other local Government authorities and Yayasans, to help abused victims in need.

Our Domestic Violence tagline reads: BREAK THE SILENCE! STOP THE VIOLENCE!. The General Public are encouraged to report incidents of any emotional and physical abuse by contacting us at: WA 62-819.4977.8670